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Mentoring at Griffith supports Program Coordinators, Mentors and Mentees and others interested in mentoring and student leadership, by sharing information and good practice within Griffith and to a public within Australia and beyond.

On this site you can:

  • Find out more about Griffith's range of mentoring programs
  • Register as a Guest Member of Mentoring at Griffith to access resources and information. Anyone can register.
  • Apply to be a Mentor or Mentee to participate in one of Griffith's mentoring programs. Once your application to be a program participant has been approved by the Program Coordinator, you will be able to access specific program information.
  • Apply to be a Program Coordinator to start a new mentoring program, or support your current program
  • Join the Griffith Mentoring Community of Practice
  • Give us your feedback and ideas about enhancing Mentoring at Griffith

Enjoy Mentoring at Griffith!