Mentoring Community of Practice

Communities of Practice are groups of individuals who share a deep and genuine interest in their field of work, have a desire to improve their practice, and who respect their colleagues as fellow learners and practitioners.  These communities have also been described as "intentional communities".  Intentionality is largely what makes them different from informal networks.  Communities of Practice have the potential to be powerful mechanisms both for improving performance and for enhancing individual member's skills, confidence, application and interest in their field.

The Griffith Mentoring Community of Practice

The Griffith Mentoring Community of Practice has been established to bring together practitioners who wish to share knowledge and enquire and learn collaboratively about mentoring.

If you are interested in joining the Mentoring Community of Practice or being placed on the mailing list, please contact the Coordinator, Student Mentoring and Development (email mentoring@griffith.edu.au).