Seven Predictors of Success

A pdf. for both commencing mentors and mentees, outlining the seven predictors of success at University.

Basic Guide: Getting Started on Mentoring@Griffith as Participant/Mentor/Mentee

Printable Guide assists Participants, Mentors and Mentees in joining a Mentoring Program.

Mentoring At Griffith Mentor Training Handbook 2018

This handbook has been developed by Mentoring atGriffith for use during central mentor training sessions.

Mentoring At Griffith Program Coordinator Handbook 2015

Brings together information that may be useful for Program Coordinators. Includes a Framework for Effective Mentoring to assist planning/managing each stage of the Program. The handbook will be revised and updated, based on feedback as Program Coordinators use this resource.

Mentoring At Griffith Program Coordinator's Toolkit

This toolkit includes templates that practitioners can adapt for use in their own programs. This version can be modified.

Template Power Point Slides - Mentor Training Session

These powerpoint slides can be adapted for your mentor training session and used in conjunction with the Mentoring@Griffith Mentor Training Manual.

Shaping the Future: 150+ Canadian Mentoring Relationships That Make Canada Great, Creative, Innovative, Productive, Successful and Welcoming

This book includes more than 150 examples of mentoring relationships from all walks of life in Canada including sports, history, leadership, the arts, politics, and business. It also included ideas about mentoring along with descriptions of mentoring relationships from the author's life. To make it easier to find particular people and who mentored whom, I've included a name index.

Mentoring Community of Practice - What is a CoP?

A handout developed by Jacquie McDonald from the University of Southern Queensland, which provides some insight into how Communities of Practice differ from other forms of networks and meetings.

The Griffith School of Environment (ENV) Mentors Guide

This guide contains materials and information to support the Mentor Training Program in the Griffith School of Environment.

The Griffith School of Environment Mentor Program Mentee Handbook

This booklet of information and activities is designed to support mentee engagement in the Griffith School of Environment Mentoring and Leadership Program.

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