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This week's highlighted tool is:

Citizen juries

Citizen juries aim to draw members of the community into participative processes where the community is distanced from the decision-making process or a process is not seen as being democratic.  More details

Collaborative Research: Linking communities, scientists and decision-makers

The Citizen Science Toolbox is a free resource of principles and strategies to enhance meaningful stakeholder involvement in decision-making. Stakeholders include not only communities, but also scientists and decision-makers. Meaningful involvement of all stakeholders occurs through a commitment to social learning - learning on the part of communities, other stakeholders and institutions.

One of the key elements of using the Toolbox is that strategies need to be tailored to fit unique issues and stakeholders. In many cases, a combination of different tools is required to effectively involve all stakeholders in decision-making.

Included in the Toolbox:

While the Toolbox has a focus on coastal and catchment environments, the principles and tools can be used in many other areas for a wide range of issues.


The Citizen Science Toolbox was a Coastal Cooperative Research Centre project and was an initiative of Professor John Fien. It was developed by Dr Tim Smith with the assistance of Neil Lazarow, Judith Pembleton, Kerry Rosenthal, Don Alcock, Dr Dana Thomsen, Kelly Hudson, Jim Gleeson, Dr Peter Oliver, Dr Margaret Gooch, Clayton White, Bronwyn Powell, Dr James Whelan, Professor Roy Rickson, Rowan Eisner, Christina Dwyer, Helena Malawkin and Dr Jan Tilden.