Word essentials


3 hours 00 minutes


Designed to give you an understanding of the fundamental functions and features of Microsoft Word, this workshop provides the grounding for all other Word workshops.

Learning Objective(s)

On completion of this workshop participants should be able to:

  • create new and open existing documents
  • insert and format text
  • change line and paragraph spacing and alignment
  • create lists
  • cut, move and copy text
  • insert page breaks and page numbering
  • preview and print a document
  • use features such as the Spelling and Grammar check, Format Painter, Word Count and Thesaurus


  • identify computer components (hardware and software) including memory, storage devices, mouse, keyboard 
  • identify Windows environmental components and desktop elements
  • utilise Windows functionality
  • understand parts of a window, files and folders
  • use My Computer to create and use folders, select, copy, paste and delete folders and files


  • Attendance at the Basic Computing Survival Skills workshop


Self-help Resources

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