Entrepreneurship Seminar - People are your business

Entrepreneurship Seminar - People are your business
Entrepreneurship Seminar - People are your business

Principal speaker

Associate Professor Ashlea Troth

Other speakers

Tony Farugia, Principal, Headspace Training and Dr John Hinwood, Director, Stress Management Institute

The small to medium businesses who thrive in the market convey authentic stories delivered by ambassadors - employees, consumers and you - clear of what your business stands for both internally and externally.

The question is how you build emotional intelligence, manage employee's emotions and create resilience in the organisation of positive internal culture to deliver your promises to your consumer.

Three leading experts with over 20 year's experience in developing emotional intelligence and leadership potential will take you on this journey to show you how.

Associate Professor Ashlea Troth, Department of Employment Relations and Human Resources, Griffith Business School.
Ashlea is an associate professor in organisational behaviour and the Deputy Head of Department. A scholar in workplace emotions, Ashlea's research examines how employees' workplace emotions, emotional intelligence and emotional regulation impacts on communication and performance outcomes in organisational contexts. Ashlea also has research and practical interest in frontline leadership and developing leadership potential.

Ashlea has been a recipient of large Australian Research Council Discovery grants investigating workplace emotional resilience and perceptions of unfair managerial treatment. She has also been a recipient of a Centre for Workplace Leadership grant (University of Melbourne) examining the various roles and challenges faced by frontline managers.

Ashlea was recently recognized as part of the 4-person best research team at Griffith Business School 2016. Ashlea has nearly 20 years' experience as a consultant, facilitator and researcher in this field. In the past 5 years she has successfully completed research consultancies for Queensland Health and a local council on developing emotional resilience in frontline managers and their staff, on the design and validation of an instrument to identify leadership potential for a large Commonwealth agency, and on the management of communication within team based organisational structures within a large pathology company.

Tony Farugia, Principal at Headspace Training
Tony's management career spans 35+ years, with Fortune 500 companies in the UK, USA, Europe and Australia. Having held senior management positions in the Airline and Telecommunication industries, at British Airways both in London and Sydney, with Richard Branson at Virgin Atlantic Airways, and Delta Airlines he has practised the art of Leadership Influencing and Persuading.

His real life stories with well researched data is thought provoking and intended to support all those that face this Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world (VUCA). "Clients today are better informed and seek genuine empathetic Individuals who they can trust long before they buy from". As a Cert iv Trainer and Assessor he facilitates Belbin Profiling, Neethling Whole Brain learning preferences and holds the Australian rights to Behavioural Science Systems. He is a Keynote speaker on Leadership, focusing on Behaviour, Persuasion and Influencing techniques bringing thought provoking real life stories to audiences across Australasia.

Dr John Hinwood, Director, Stress Management Institute
Dr Hinwood is a global leader in stress management and emotional resilience. You will discover from this dynamic and energetic presenter that you can easily shift your current state of health to break free of the stress that is holding you back.

John's seasoned and perceptive approach allows him to draw from a formidable armory of proven stress management solutions. This new approach of building emotional resilience is guaranteed to save you time, energy and money, so you can move to enjoy a heightened state of wellbeing.

John creates a bridge to make proven scientific, evidence-based research and information easy to understand and use in your daily personal and business life.
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