This exhibition aims to question our obsession with mid-century modern design and reinterprets the fundamental values and intrinsic qualities of the modernist chair. Selected students from Interior Design and Environments, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University relied on their individual reflections and creativity to develop a sustainable and re-imagined vision of the mid-century modern chair.

After twelve weeks of studio and workshop work, this exhibition presents their projects. Each chair. highlights the student's personal vision, while seeking to provoke emotions among visitors. This exhibition explores the significance of chairs as markers of design evolution and as objects embedded with meaning, expression, experimentation and utility; uncovering ideas of transformation, convergence, imperfection, craftsmanship, human scale and social and environmental responsibility.

The installation intends to be a silent theatre of a twisting of the familiar into something slightly else - the familiar classic chair slightly or greatly manipulated to convey messages and breaking the boundaries of our perceptions. Visitors are provided with a tangible, physical translation of classic chairs reinterpreted and coded with current social, cultural and environmental meaning, presented at 1:1 scales of various shapes and sizes and mediums.

Exhibition Dates: Tuesday, 19 February - Saturday, 2 March

Exhibition Times: Tuesday - Saturday, 10am to 4pm

Where: Webb Gallery, 226 Grey Street, South bank, 4101

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