Visible - Athene Currie, Deborah Eddy & Sonia York-Pryce

Visible - Athene Currie, Deborah Eddy & Sonia York-Pryce
Visible - Athene Currie, Deborah Eddy & Sonia York-Pryce

Visual Arts researchers Athene Currie, Deborah Eddy and Sonia York-Pryce are currently investigating the ageing body and psyche through contexts and mediums that address similar questions about how society views ageing women.

Athene Currie's work specifically deals with transformation at menopause and how this time can be made visible as an acknowledged celebration of women's life experiences. Her work involves performance video where ritual and rite of passage feature as means to pass thorough this often chaotic and significant stage of life. Currie's work suggests removal of imposed identities or masque through acknowledging and discarding family constraints and social expectations, leading to nostalgic revelation and empowered reawakening.

Deborah Eddy's woven artworks aim to re charge a new wave of feminism in Australia prompted by her concern that older women are not accounted for in today's feminist movement despite their issues intersecting with current feminist concerns such as discrimination and inequality. Her chosen genre is sculpture as this provides an opportunity to focus on the visibility/invisibility of ageing women in western society.

Professional ballerina York-Pryce focuses on ageing and the mature dancer, her works are evocative and empathetic, raising questions about how society views and treats older dancers and performers. The artist employs video and time-lapse photography to emphasise motion and physicality of the ageing dancer's corporeality making visible the performers ongoing expert contribution to the performing arts.

Title: Visible
Artists: Athene Currie, Deborah Eddy & Sonia York-Pryce
Exhibition Dates: 2 - 13 April
Opening Times: Tuesday - Saturday, 10am to 4pm
Where: Grey Street Gallery, 226 Grey Street, South Bank, 4101

Please join us for the opening event on Friday, 5 April, 6pm - 8pm

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