2019 MATE Summit

2019 MATE Summit
2019 MATE Summit

Principal speaker

Natasha Stott Despoja AO, Our Watch

Other speakers

Cathy Hunt, Of One Mind (Women of the World) Katrina Graham, Women in Film and Television Rachel Kayrooz, Survivor and Motivational Speaker Sue Webeck, Australian National University Ben Bjarnsen, Queensland Police Service Rachel Durdin, Rio Tinto Marie Cone, Halcyon Greg Haines, Princess Yachts Michael Jeh, MATE Program facilitator Michael Hail, International Mentors in Violence Prevention facilitator Brett Lush, Domestic Violence Prevention Centre Samuel Leighton Dore, Author (Big Strong Man) Alanna Bastin-Byrne, Femeconomy Cathie Oddie, Financial wellbeing for women

#besomeonewhodoessomething Conference - 14 November 2019

This is a one-day conference for like-minded people to come together to discuss the prevention of violence against women and gender equality. We will have conversations about the promotion of gender equality, redefining masculinity, and how we can proactively contribute to long-term cultural change in our daily lives. You will also hear innovative ways organisations are responding to and preventing violence in their fields. This is the second annual MATE conference and it aims to connect people who are challenging status-quo and inequities present in our culture.

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