Vaudeville, Nicole McCuaig

Vaudeville, Nicole McCuaig
Vaudeville, Nicole McCuaig

Vaudeville was the revolutionary first anthology of Australian poet Ronald McCuaig. Printers refused to print the work for fear of imprisonment so he printed a limited edition himself. The rare book reveals the sex, violence, despair, ennui, and tenderness of 1930s Sydney characters and was the start of a long and colourful literary career. Documentary filmmaker Nicole McCuaig explores the work of her grandfather the poet, journalist, critic and children's author for this unique exhibition. Featuring videopoetry, documentary, rare anthologies, and archival remnants, the collection showcases his impressive life in letters.

Join us for the opening event on Thursday, 23rd January from 6pm.


Opening Times: Tuesday - Saturday, 10am to 4pm

Where: Project Gallery, 226 Grey Street, South Bank, 4101

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