Imprints: Ruth Cho, Domenica Hoare & Elyse Taylor

Imprints: Ruth Cho, Domenica Hoare & Elyse Taylor
Imprints: Ruth Cho, Domenica Hoare & Elyse Taylor

This exhibition groups together three printmakers who address themes inspired by their observations and interpretations of humans' relationship to different environments. Identity is an underlying theme that connects all the works in this collaborative exhibition. Each artist has investigated human characteristics and how humans interact within the environments surrounding them. These could be natural environments, including animals, plants and ecosystems; the built environment, including domestic spaces and gardens; and the social environment, made up of people and their various attitudes, beliefs, ideas and values. Central to this is how each artist weaves natural imagery into their prints to convey ideas about identity in these spaces.

Elyse Taylor's practice explores defensive survival strategies of plants and non-human animals and employs them as metaphors for human defensive responses.

Ruth Cho's practice explores the tension and complexities of cross-cultural identity in Australia through combining traditional Chinese imagery with engraving style images of Australian native and introduced animals.

Domenica Hoare's work probes human/nature relationships through prints of domestic gardens that are not just mediated flora but open ideas and concepts to do with ways in which we see domestic gardens as nature and ourselves in relationship with these.

Please join us for the closing event on Thursday, 6th February from 6pm.

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