Explore your literature using bibliometrics and VosViewer

Explore your literature using bibliometrics and VosViewer
Explore your literature using bibliometrics and VosViewer

Principal speaker

Professor Catherine Pickering

Other speakers

Brodie Verrall; Maria Connor

With ever expanding and diversifying research, and increased numbers of academic publications, bibliometric reviews have become an important tool to explore and map literature. These types of reviews focus on the who, where and what of a literature body, and can assess thousands of publications to determine key research themes and knowledge gaps, as well as spatiotemporal patterns in the literature. Bibliometric analysis of literature is a smart, powerful and efficient method to gain an overview of a specific topic and can inform your understanding of how a literature body is constructed, particularly for large literature sets.

Exploring your literature with bibliometrics can provide context to a narrative literature review, systematic quantitative literature review or meta-analysis, as bibliometric analysis is less constrained by the volume of publications (it can assess 0 - 10,000+). These methods include systematically searching the literature using interactive query formulation via online databases (ie Web of Science, Scopus, PubMed and Dimensions) to identify all relevant publications that fit specific criteria and analysing readily available publication metadata in VOSviewer (www.vosviewer.com).

VOSviewer is a freely available software tool for constructing and visualising bibliometric networks.

This workshop will provide an overview of bibliometric analysis using VOSviewer.

Participants will receive: activities and videos to get you started using VosViewer.

A follow up Question and Answer session will take place on Wednesday 29th July 10am-12pm via Microsoft Teams, for participants to ask questions after working through the activities and resources.

Suitable for all researchers and early candidature HDRs either before or during preparation of a literature review.


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RSVP on or before Saturday 18 July 2020 , by email RED@griffith.edu.au , or by phone 0755529107 , or via http://events.griffith.edu.au/d/0nqypk/4W

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