Bayesian Reading Group

Bayesian Reading Group
Bayesian Reading Group

Principal speaker

Associate Professor Sama Low-Choy

Other speakers

Mari Takashima

Consider attending if you'd really like to work through how to do and understand Bayesian statistics (and hence revisit generic statistical principles, and learn the differences between classical and Bayesian).

We will read through MacElreath's textbook, which is available as an e-book in the GU library. There will be one section of reading (10-15 pages) assigned most weeks for about 3 months.

Unlike typical reading, the reading of mathematics and computation requires a lot of "unpacking", so this equates to reading 100 pages of non-mathematical text. To help you "unpack" and check your understanding of definitions, concepts and new techniques, we will encourage you to choose 3-4 exercises from a set "menu", appropriate to your background and interest, each week.

There is only room for a limited number of people to attend the book reading, with one series starting soon, and another in 3 months time. Please note that this book reading will not involve lectures.

At this stage the starting date is Friday 14th July at 2:00 pm, thereafter to spend an hour on the following Fridays in a flipped classroom approach, with all participants asked to participate. This means giving small presentations on every 2nd meeting, e.g. readings, discussion points, exercises - issues / pathways to solution.

To apply, please fill out an application using this link:

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