Integrity 20'20 & BEYOND

Integrity 20'20 & BEYOND

Times of great crisis and upheaval hold a mirror to society. They expose fragilities: of our social and political structures, our businesses and institutions, our relationship with the natural world. They compound inequalities and amplify bias.

By contrast, they can also bring out the very best in humanity, inspire creativity and innovation, and provide opportunity and impetus to change.

Integrity 20'20 & Beyond seeks to understand this remarkable moment in time and illuminate the path to future possibilities.

The program caters for students in years 10, 11 and 12 and features talks, conversations, performance and break-out/Q&A sessions. It is a unique and an unmissable opportunity to hear new perspectives, and consider the big issues shaping our lives and futures.

Please note, Integrity 20'20 is an online event. Details for accessing the program will be provided after registration.

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