Making sense of America - the election and beyond

Making sense of America - the election and beyond
Making sense of America - the election and beyond

Principal speaker

Jeff Bleich

Other speakers

Kerry O'Brien

In partnership with HOTA, Home of the Arts, Griffith University's A better future for all series continues when former United States Ambassador to Australia Jeff Bleich joins host Kerry O'Brien to discuss the impending US election.

November's presidential contest between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is not only important for the United States, but for the world. The future of this region will be shaped by the outcome.

The USA is deeply polarised. The division makes this momentous time in human history even more difficult for political leaders to navigate. The global pandemic, climate change, deteriorating relations with China and the unstoppable rise of the digital age, are each huge challenges. On the streets in the US, inequality, social unrest, deep racial divisions and armed militias challenge long-established institutions. That they are all demand attention at the same time adds to the complexity. Whatever the outcome, no corner of American society will be untouched by the nation's decision on November 3.

Jeff Bleich brings his unique understanding of the inner workings of US politics, law, business and international diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific to HOTA. He knows Australia well and is uniquely well-placed to reflect on what the outcome of the election will mean for us. He understands the emerging threats and opportunities of the digital age better than most; he has thought deeply about the impact of technology on democracy.

Less than a week before the election, Jeff Bleich will provide an invaluable guide to what is at stake. It is a conversation not to miss.

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