GRIDD's Compound Australia - a national facility for all Griffith researchers

GRIDD's Compound Australia - a national facility for all Griffith researchers
GRIDD's Compound Australia - a national facility for all Griffith researchers

Principal speaker

Associate Professor Yun Feng

Other speakers

Ms Moana Simpson

The Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery (GRIDD) Compounds Australia facility is Australia's only dedicated compound management facility and securely stores and curates sample libraries submitted by Australian-based chemists. Compounds Australia provides access to critical infrastructure and expertise to ensure flexible, efficient, reproducible and cost-effective compound management, supporting biological characterisation of compounds throughout the drug discovery pipeline. It manages a national "Open' compound collection, and numerous "Closed' or proprietary compound collections and provides these sample collections to academic, not-for-profit and industry researchers. The guiding principles of Compounds Australia are to enable new collaborations between chemists and biologists and to add value to the already excellent synthetic, organic and natural product chemistry in the Australasian region.

Services supplied by GRIDD's Compounds Australia include:

• sample lodgement and industry standard sample storage

• specialised formatting into assay-ready microplates

• access to unique robotic and liquid handling platforms

• a sample quality control program

• large-scale data handling

• programming and customisation of proprietary software

• data tracking at all points of processing

• CASPeR web portal - enables researchers to browse or search the "Open' Compound Collections via a web portal; up to up to date information such as individual chemical properties

Compounds Australia offers a highly accessible operating model, with the facility enabling over 150 research projects from approximately 220 active researchers annually. The facility supports 33 member organisations that are located across six Australian states and one Territory, as well as several international sites. Compounds Australia manages synthetic compound libraries, natural product libraries of pure compounds, fractions and extracts, and consolidates >55,000 compounds originating from Australian chemistry researchers into the national compound collection.


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