Mini Symposium: Bayesian statistical modelling in action

Mini Symposium: Bayesian statistical modelling in action
Mini Symposium: Bayesian statistical modelling in action

The stats-in-action mini-symposia on methods involving statistics are designed to showcase the variety of ways in which Griffith researchers and friends have put statistics to good use, in practice, to support an evidence-based approach to research.

This is the first of two mini-symposia (the other is on 28 Jan) to consider all facets of Bayesian stats-in-action. The common theme is how a Bayesian approach has made a difference in helping to address a research problem. From a wide range of statistical backgrounds, all researchers are willing to talk about their experiences, good or bad.
The Bayesian statistical models and computation discussed here are not necessarily novel, focussing on actual analysis, reporting or publishing experiences, and future plans. This first Bayesian mini-symposium comprises 2 sessions (starting at 10 and 12:45). The first session, looks at interesting aspects of Bayesian linear regression. The afternoon session, looks at different kinds of Bayesian hierarchical models.

10:00 am - Welcome

10:20 am - Bayesian Linear Regression: The flexibility to target your research questions
Speaker: Dr Clair Alston-Knox

11.00 am - Radiographic Age Estimation Standards for the Hand and Wrist using Morphological and Morphometric Assessment in Australian Subadults
Speaker: Dr Mikhaela Reynolds

11.30 am - Routine Activities and Self-Protective Behaviours Against Cyber Abuse: The Goldilocks Principle
Speaker: Dr Zarina Vakhitova

12.15 pm - Break

12.45 pm - Integrating multiple field measurements to predict age of Tasmanian devils
Speaker: Dr Douglas Kerlin

1.25 pm - Illegal dumping of household waste in Beerburrum Forest: Profiling the "dumpability" of sites to evaluate effectiveness of new signage
Speaker: A/Prof Sama Low-Choy

2.15 pm - Bayesian Optimisation of Geotechnical Design Parameters
Speaker: Siaw Chian Jong

2.45 pm - Questions

3.00pm - Close

You can attend all the sessions or just those of interest to you by logging on at the appropriate time.

We thank the Statistical Society of Aust (Inc) and Qld CyberInfrastructure Foundation (QCIF) for supplying prizes for the presenters.


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