Mixed Methods 1: Introduction to Mixed Methods

Mixed Methods 1: Introduction to Mixed Methods
Mixed Methods 1: Introduction to Mixed Methods

Principal speaker

Dr Judy Rose

The Introduction to Mixed Methods (MM) workshop investigates the meanings and underlying "ologies' of Mixed Methods. This is followed up by a look at the logics of inquiry that are used in MM research (e.g. abductive), along with a review of the paradigms (e.g. pragmatism) that are the best fit for this methodological approach. Finally, there is an overview of the main tips and traps to be aware of when opting to do MM.

This workshop is suitable for those new to Mixed Methods research, along with those who have tried it before but would like to learn more.

Format: This workshop will be delivered online during a 2-hour period, via Collaborate, with active learning break out groups and Q & A.

Relationship to other RED workshops: This session is Part 1 in a 6-part series on foundations of mixed methods (MM). The basics are covered in Introducing MM (P1), and Conceptual Frameworks regarding their Refinement (P2) and Visualisation (P3). The complexities are addressed via Assembling MM (P4), Critical reading/writing (P5), and Integrating MM (P6).

Recommended Reading, before attending: Shannon-Baker, P. (2016). Making paradigms meaningful in mixed methods research. Journal of Mixed Methods Research, 10(4), 319-334.


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