Mixed Methods 5: Critical reading and writing of mixed methods

Mixed Methods 5: Critical reading and writing of mixed methods
Mixed Methods 5: Critical reading and writing of mixed methods

Principal speaker

Ausma Bernot

Critical reading and writing of mixed methods involves appraisal and justification.

This session looks at the core theoretical concepts of mixed methodologies and unpacks common difficulties in explaining and justifying the choice of mixed methods in academic writing.

An immersive part of the workshop offers a hands-on active learning element of designing, conceptualising, and explaining the choice of a mixed research study.

The workshop also "reverse-engineers' the appraisal of mixed methods to showcase how the quality of mixed methodologies is evaluated (Pluye et al., 2009).

We end the workshop by explaining how conceptual frameworks can be incorporated for justification of research design decisions and, finally, equipping participants with a theoretical toolset to assist critical reading and writing of mixed methodologies.

Note: We do not discuss multi-methods in this workshop.

Format: This workshop is delivered over a two-hour online session. The first part of the session focuses on the theoretical introduction of conceptual frameworks, and the second part guides participants to analyse the use of conceptual frameworks in published research. This is a learner-led workshop, involving pre-workshop participation and in-class discussion.

Prerequisites: This session builds on part 4 of the mixed methods series, thus participants will benefit more if they attend both sessions. This session is Part 5 in a 6-part series on foundations of mixed methods (MM). The basics are covered in Introducing MM (P1), and Conceptual Frameworks regarding their Refinement (P2) and Visualisation (P3). The complexities are addressed via Assembling MM (P4), Critical reading/writing (P5), and Integrating MM (P6).

Preparing for the workshop: This is a learner-led workshop. The more you contribute, the more you will be taking away. We request your help with the following workshop preparations: (1) during the registration for the workshop you will have the opportunity to note your biggest challenge in justifying and appraising, (2) use the shared document in the confirmatino email to access workshop pre-reading items, (3) use the Discussion Forum section in the shared document to ask any questions prior to workshop, (4) share any resources on the topic that you may find helpful for your fellow learners.


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