Introduction to Data Wrangling using OpenRefine

Introduction to Data Wrangling using OpenRefine
Introduction to Data Wrangling using OpenRefine

Principal speaker

Sharron Stapleton

Data wrangling prepares raw or messy data and transforms or maps it into a structured and organised format to enable processing and analysis.

If you have messy data or spend too much time manually manipulating your data before analysis or visualization tools can read it, this online hands-on workshop is for you.

In this workshop we use OpenRefine, an open source tool which you can use to scrutinize, clean, organise, combine and transform data. It is particularly powerful when working with large datasets. The tool automatically tracks changes made to the data, producing a script to enable reproducibility and documentation to provide verification. Many people comment that this tool saves them months of work trying to edit and clean by hand.

This workshop is aimed at researchers and HDR candidates working with structured or semi-structured data. You don't need to have previous knowledge of Open Refine.

When should you attend this training? At the beginning or during data collection.

Learn how to:
*explore tabular data through facets and filters

*implement "tidy data' principles

*clean,organise and prepare data for analysis

*extract and use a script to automate wrangling on similar data


*laptop or desktop computer. A second screen is recommended but not essential

*a mobile device to communicate with in case of technical issues


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