Data Visualisation Basics

Data Visualisation Basics
Data Visualisation Basics

Principal speaker

Sharron Stapleton

Other speakers

Julie Somers; Ben McRae

Visualising data can help us understand complex information quickly. Transforming data into a visual format can:

reveal patterns and relationships

identify trends

communicate insights with impact

This online session will explore methods and tools to create publication quality visualisations of structured data from spreadsheets. Tools covered include MS Excel and Adobe Acrobat DC, along with open source software Voyant and Raw Graphs.

This will not be hands-on session, but a live demo with questions etc., however you may follow along if you wish to.

At the end of this session, you will be able to:

identify an appropriate tool to visualise data

create a visualisation from tabular data

export or save a visualisation in a publication quality file format


Computer (if you wish to follow along)

Mobile device for back-up online communication

This workshop is aimed at researchers and HDR candidates and requires no coding skills.


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