An introduction to digital texts and tools for HASS research

An introduction to digital texts and tools for HASS research

Principal speaker

Sharron Stapleton

Are you looking for ways to gather, capture or transcribe a set of digital works for further analysis? Does your digital text collection need preparation to be understood by software? Do you need a tool to conduct sentiment, discourse, content analysis or mapping with newspaper, literature or historical texts you've gathered for a research project?
This information session introduces digital methods and tools in HASS scholarship and focusses on the following in the Digital Humanities workflow:

Build - Where to locate and how to gather textual data for your corpora or data set

Prepare - Explore useful processes and tools to prepare textual data for analysis, including transcription tools to use and data recognition (OCR) to ensure machine readability

Analyse - Identify different types of analysis used to interrogate content and uncover new insights; explore text analysis and digital mapping tools as well tools such as Voyant used to visualise your outputs

Learning Outcomes:

Understand the basic workflow of researching with digital text

Basic knowledge of textual data, its types and usage considerations

Ability to find textual data for digital analysis

Choose the right tool for your dataset at each stage of the digital research process

Limitations: This session does not cover social media content, web scraping, or APIs.


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