The Plastics

The Plastics
The Plastics

This exhibition proposes to explore the recycling of plastic in a responsible and meaningful way that balances ecological concerns with the recognition of plastic's versatile features.

This exhibition invites artists from different mediums to reflect upon their own day-to-day use of plastic and to create objects that examine the environmental, aesthetic and technological implications of plastic.

Most significantly, this exhibition aims to illustrate how plastic connects with history, and permeates heritage and tradition. If plastic is a long-lasting element, then we should use the existent plastic to tell long-lasting stories through new long-lasting art objects.


Crisia Constantine and Sophie Reid-Singer

Deborah Eddy

Simone Eisler

Emmalyn Hawthorne

Natasha Narain

Mandy Ridley

Michelle Vine

The exhibition is on view in the Project Gallery from Tuesday, 16th - Saturday, 27th February. Opening hours are 10am to 4pm, Tuesday to Saturday. QCA Galleries are practicing safe and hygienic practices throughout the gallery space and we will ensure that there are an appropriate number of attendees are in the gallery at one time to abide by the Government's social distancing guidelines. Visitors will be asked to check into the Project Gallery using a QR code.

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