Quantitative validation of survey constructs

Quantitative validation of survey constructs
Quantitative validation of survey constructs

Principal speaker

Associate Professor Sama Low-Choy

This is one part of a two-part series, which aims to guide participants on how to validate surveys. This part focuses on basic quantitative techniques that can be used to validate survey constructs. We start by revisiting the definition of a survey construct (aka scale, factor). This starts with the use of basic data visualisation methods, including histograms, to show patterns in the data. Histograms should be the first step after uploading any new variables, but strangely, are not always presented alongside measures like Cronbach's alpha. Then, the use of heatmaps is demonstrated as a way to understand and see patterns in construct correlation. Next, participants will undertake an examination of Cronbach's alpha and its associated item statistics for validating blocks of survey questions that measure one construct, or a series of constructs. Referring to Sijtsma (2009) and other authors we will critically review its use in modern analysis of surveys. We discuss the preceding methods in the context of more sophisticated choices for quantitative validation, such as well-established Factor Analysis.

Background This workshop will introduce the concept of constructs, but will be most useful to researchers who are familiar with at least one construct (aka scale or factor) from their field.

Reading: Please read sections 1, 2, and 6 of Sijtsma, K. (2009). On the use, the misuse, and the very limited usefulness of Cronbach's alpha. Psychometrika, 74(1), 107-120.

Prerequisite: Formulating Survey Questions (RED).

Format: Interactive - will involve discussion in small groups and use of free software


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