Critical Reading of Literature on New Survey Instruments

Critical Reading of Literature on New Survey Instruments
Critical Reading of Literature on New Survey Instruments

Principal speaker

Associate Professor Sama Low-Choy

This workshop aims to develop and improve your literacy about survey quality by guiding you to understand and critically engage with papers that develop new surveys or redevelop existing ones. This workshop will help you advance your foundational literacy needed to become a more informed survey consumer and designer.

This workshop is suitable for research practitioners in the private or public sector who are relatively new to producing new survey instruments, or modifying existing ones. In particular, you should attend if you would like the "big picture" before making important decisions affecting what existing instruments you can utilise or adapt to your purposes. The workshop will also suit those with previous experience in survey design and validating techniques, who wish to develop their literacy in terms of reading the literature with a view to evaluating whether existing survey instruments are "fit-for-purpose".

Format:This workshop will be delivered in a more traditional fashion via Collaborate Ultra. This workshop uses an active learning approach that includes identifying a publication on a survey instrument that is relevant to your work. There will be unsupervised breakout sessions for groups to explore and consolidate key concepts.

Prerequisites: None, other than finding a paper on a survey instrument relevant to your research. However, any experience with literature review of survey instructions, developing or modifying a survey instrument, would be an advantage.


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