SEM Meaning & Mapping

SEM Meaning & Mapping
SEM Meaning & Mapping

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Associate Professor Sama Low-Choy

This workshop starts with a non-mathematical introduction to the underlying logic: revisiting variables and dependence, association vs causality, assumptions vs evidence of causality, and issues such as falsification or accumulation of evidence, counterfactuals and experiments. Then we distil the basic building blocks of SEM, and their representation both in pictures and in the simple math of a regression model, avoiding the math of computation. To consolidate these ideas, we interpret existing and new SEMs in terms of basic logics, graphics and mathematics. This workshop will consist of 3 sections: Logical meaning of SEM Representing SEM using pictures Interpreting the basic maths in the model (not the computing) of SEM Format: Interactive - will involve participation and discussion in groups. Prerequisite: For absolute beginners, we recommend that you first attend the seminar on "What is SEM?". Software requirements: This workshop does not require software. Preparation: In the weeks prior to the workshop we will invite you to join a Microsoft Team, and ask you to put into the chat section, the bibliographic details of a paper that you have read on SEM. Feel free to identify a particular phrase, equation, figure or page number that you would like to discuss more.


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