The Kindness Revolution

The Kindness Revolution
The Kindness Revolution

Principal speaker

Mr Hugh Mackay

Other speakers

Ms Sarah Kanowski

"To be kind - always and to everyone - is to be fully, gloriously human, and every act of kindness is one more step towards a better society." - Hugh Mackay AO

The bushfires and worldwide pandemic of 2020 took a toll on both our mental and emotional health and on the economy. They also highlighted - and continue to highlight in the midst of the ongoing COVID crisis - the impressive human capacity to cope with life's inevitable disruptions and catastrophes and the unexpected benefits that often follow such experiences.

Renowned social psychologist Hugh Mackay joins host of ABC Conversations Sarah Kanowski to reflect on the challenges we have faced during the past year, the profound questions many of us have asked ourselves during this time, and how we might use this moment as a catalyst for finding more creative ways of building the kind of society we'd all be proud to live in - kinder, more compassionate, more cooperative, more respectful, more inclusive, more egalitarian, more harmonious, less cynical.

"The question is whether we are ready to apply the lessons 2020 has taught us. I am convinced the potential is there…I hope you will share my optimism." - Hugh Mackay AO

Hugh will be signing copies of his new book The Kindness Revolution (Allen & Unwin) after the event.


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