Working with Sensitive Data

Working with Sensitive Data
Working with Sensitive Data

Principal speaker

Julie Toohey

Other speakers

Brett Parker, Mark Hoffmann, Jacob Dore-Porett

This workshop uses practical and discussion-based training to inform researchers about responsibilities when working with sensitive data in health research. With a focus on the "Five Safes" framework and principles of sharing data, the workshop explains and demonstrates strategies to mitigate disclosure risks and promote data security and privacy protections.

The session is suited to Higher Degree Research Students as it provides them with a framework and skills on all aspects of the practica; and appropriate management of sensitive data.


The workshop will consist of a discussion-based review of best practice management of sensitive data. Topics covered will include:

Understanding the context of working with sensitive data

Understanding researcher legal responsibilities

Assessing projects using the "Five Safes' framework and a risk management approach

Using the "Five Safes' framework in data sharing decision making

Identifying the benefits and limitations of the "Five Safes' framework

Learning Objectives

After the workshop, participants should be able to:

Assess a project using the "Five Safes' framework and use the "Five Safes' in different types of projects

Identify potentially sensitive data in a research project

Recognize the role of training and governance when working with sensitive data

Identify where to store sensitive data and carry out a risk assessment process within the "Five Safes' framework

Identify and mitigate disclosure risk within a research project

Discover where to get further advice and help when working with sensitive data


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