The Attention Crisis | Professional Development Webinar
The Attention Crisis | Professional Development Webinar

Emails on smart watches, podcast streaming via various devices, Microsoft Teams meetings on your laptop, online shopping during your lunch break, scrolling social media on your phone whilst watching Netflix, swipe right, swipe left … the list of online platforms and digital devices with messages competing for our attention seems to be increasing every day, month and year.

Our attention is constantly being pulled in many directions and often it's impacting our ability to focus and stay calm.

During this webinar, Griffith alumnus and Co-Founder of Mind Gardener, Susan Pearse, will share valuable tools and techniques that anyone can use to stay focused, overcome distractions, and regain a sense of control in a busy life.

You'll learn how to tame a busy mind, make wise choices about what gets your attention, and care for this precious but limited resource. Boost your productivity, reduce stress and anxiety, and bring moments of true clarity and connection back to your life

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