2021 MHIQ Seminar Series - Writing a successful Medical Research Future Fund Grant

Principal speaker

Professor Sandi Hayes

2021 Menzies Health Institute Queensland Program Seminar Series

Healthcare Practice & Survivorship Program

Presenter: Professor Sandi Hayes

Title: Writing a successful Medical Research Future Fund Grant

Seminar Overview -

The Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) is a research fund set up by the Australian Government in 2015, whereby some of the net interest from this investment is used to support medical research. As part of the 2019-20 Budget, the Australian Government announced a $5 billion, 10-year investment plan for the MRFF. MRFF activities are based on areas of national priority, identified by an expert advisory board and ongoing widespread consultation. While the priorities of the fund may therefore change over time, MRFF states that (i) their activities put patients at the core and focus on translating research into practice so that all Australians can benefit, and (ii) funding will be directed into four themes, including:

Patients: funding innovative treatments, supporting clinical trials, and delivering more advanced health care and medical technology to improve the health of all Australians;

Researchers: supporting our researchers to make breakthrough discoveries, develop their skills and progress their careers in Australia;

Research Missions: helping researchers think big to tackle significant health challenges through investment, leadership and collaboration; and

Research Translation: moving research ideas from the lab to the clinic, so that medical discoveries become part of clinical practice for GPs, specialists and hospitals.

The aim of this session will be to provide an overview of the 20 initiatives under these themes to be funded over the next 10 years, as well as to discuss the key components of MRFF grants, in particular to highlight unique aspects of the grant scheme. Since MRFF grant schemes were initiated, Prof Hayes has led 6 grant submissions related to three different projects, and is preparing to lead another submission due in August. Prof Hayes will provide an overview of how she goes about preparing these applications.

Speaker Biography -

Professor Sandi Hayes is an Exercise Oncology Scientist, Epidemiologist and Senior Research Fellow with Menzies Health Institute Queensland. Her program of research seeks to improve the lives of those diagnosed with cancer. In this endeavour, Professor Hayes has evaluated the role of physical activity, including exercise, in the prevention and treatment of cancer survivorship concerns in clinical trials and cohort studies, with studies involving those diagnosed with a range of cancers, but with a particular focus on breast, blood and gynaecological cancer. To date, she has secured over $11M to support her research and has published her findings in over 130 manuscripts.

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