Persepctives Asia: What happened in Wuhan?

Principal speaker

Chris Buckley

Five months in Wuhan: Reflections on China's pandemic crisis from the early outbreak to the end of the world's first Covid lockdown. An overview of China's response from a journalist who spent two and a half months in Wuhan during its lockdown.

Chris Buckley is chief China correspondent for the New York Times, and isnow working from Sydney after being forced to leave China in May. Before then, he spent much of the past 24 years in China, much of it as a reporter for Reuters and the New York Times. He has written widely about Chinese politics and social change, andstayed in Wuhan from the day that the government locked down the cityin January last year.In recent years, he has also reported extensively on the crackdown in Xinjiang. He was among the New York Times journalists whose work won the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service this year.

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