Monitor Deloitte Strategy Workshop

Monitor Deloitte Strategy Workshop

This interactive strategy workshop will explore with you the methodology of "Structured Problem Solving'. A team of Monitor Deloitte Strategy Consultants will dive with you into the importance of a structured approach and discover with you how to frame a problem and develop issue trees, and how to effectively communicate the answer to the problem.

Along with a series of case studies and examples to understand the framing of problems and their communication, attendees will also have the opportunity in the Career Q&A to gain insights into the life of a Strategy Consultant and consider pathways to move into a career in Consulting.

About Monitor Deloitte: Monitor Deloitte's strategy practitioners combine deep industry insights with cutting edge methods to help leaders resolve their most critical decisions, drive value, and achieve transformational success.

Please note this workshop is only for MBA and GCBA students and alumni.

This venue of this workshop - which we require size wise to create a COVID-safe event - is not technically supported to host an online connection to this workshop, and we are looking to go ahead with this event in person only.

Lunch and light refreshments will be provided, feel free to view the running schedule of the day at this link.

Limited spaces available, RSVP is required by 27 October 2021.

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RSVP on or before Wednesday 27 October 2021 15.25 pm, via

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