Creating a Culturally Aligned Framework for Schools based on the Science of Wellbeing

Creating a Culturally Aligned Framework for Schools based on the Science of Wellbeing
Creating a Culturally Aligned Framework for Schools based on the Science of Wellbeing

Principal speaker

Susie Ahern


- Work with interested school staff to firstly audit current/existing "pastoral' programs, practices & initiatives, and then secondly, align current evidence-based wellbeing practices with the culture and traditions of the school.

- Explore the notion of an authentic, purposeful, and meaningful wellbeing program that flows through the entire school, from Prep to Year 12, to all staff and families, and the wider community - it's important to keep that thread of wellbeing alive, strong, tight and tangle free!

- Share work done in faith-based, non-denominations, single sex, co-educational and overseas educational institutions.

- Address the desire that many schools exhibit toward wanting to implement a wellbeing program while perplexed about how to do it!

- Share a framework "formula of sorts' that can work in any organisation that is prepared to hasten slowly and get it right.

About our Presenter - From Blah to Bloom

With almost 40 years in education, Susie Ahern has researched, designed, and culturally aligned a number of Pre-prep to Year 12 Positive Education programs, which sit as foundation documents, to action purpose-built Pastoral Care and Wellbeing frameworks.

The frameworks, draws on science to enhance core components of wellbeing and aim to produce well-rounded and resilient individuals who can thrive personally, academically, and professionally and, who are well-equipped to contribute to society in a satisfying and meaningful way.

Under this bespoke model, School communities develop an appreciation of the principles and benefits of Positive Psychology that sit at the heart of a strength-based approach to thriving. Susie has worked passionately, with a number of School, both here and abroad, to enhance their understanding and appreciation of the language and psychological benefits of a culturally aligned wellbeing framework that encourage all members of an educational community to live a grateful and purposeful life.

Susie Ahern started her educational journey as a Physical Education teacher after completing her tertiary training at James Cook University in North Queensland. She ventured into Pastoral Care Wellbeing and School Executive positions after discovering an innate passion and need for authentic and individualised staff, student, and community wellbeing. Susie went on to complete a several Positive Education trainings through the Institute of Positive Education; a Certificate in Positive Psychology (CiPP) under tutelage of Tal Ben-Shahar at the Whole-being Institute; a Certificate in Understanding Happiness with Dr Robert Biswas-Diener at Positive Acorn as well as completing a number of Certificates in Applied Positive Psychology through Positive Difference. She has presented at a number of wellbeing conferences over the past 10 years and continues to find grateful pleasure in workshopping the principles and benefits of Positive Psychology and its associated interventions in authentic community settings.

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