2021 MHIQ Seminar Series - Developing an Industry Engagement Model

2021 MHIQ Seminar Series - Developing an Industry Engagement Model

Principal speaker

Associate Professor Andrew Bulmer

2021 Menzies Health Institute Queensland Program Seminar Series

Healthcare Practice & Survivorship Program

Presenter: Associate Professor Andrew Bulmer

Title: Harnessing the Potential of Industry Engagement and Collaboration - A Model for the Development of Research Independence and Impact

Seminar Overview -

In an age of increasingly competitive research grant funding, the importance of developing a diversified source of research income has never been more critical - particularly for emerging researchers. Importantly, securing a steady and predictable source of research funding is critical to the development of a sustainable and productive research career. Furthermore, external research engagement brings additional benefits such as the graduation of higher degree research students, development of early career researchers, publications, patent applications, fostering a culture of diverse and innovative research and promoting strategic and operational management. This presentation will outline the development of an industry (encompassing any external entity) engagement research model that also generates income to support independent research activities. Key topics including: defining areas of research capacity (from an industry perspective); how to attract and initiate collaboration with external partners and; how to develop a sustainable partnership/funding model, will be presented. Finally, building upon the success of this model, guidance will be provided at an Institutional level, concerning how a culture of external engagement can be developed, which is likely to demonstrate short to medium term gains in income generation and community/external impact.

Speaker Biography -

Associate Professor Andrew Bulmer is a research intensive academic within the School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences at Griffith University on the Gold Coast, Australia. Dr Bulmer has more than 15 years of experience in biochemistry, haematology and vascular imaging, including their use in a variety of in vitro, in vivo small animal, pre-clinical human and human clinical trial research settings. Using this experience, his Experimental Laboratory Science (XLabS) research group aims to better understand and prevent the effects of vascular injury within the arterial and venous circulation. Dr Bulmer's research has two foci, the first includes demonstrating the protective effects of haem catabolism and bilirubin formation within inflammatory pathology, particularly in atherosclerosis. Secondly, his group aims to reduce vasculitis and thrombotic events in patients enduring invasive vascular access devices/procedures with the AVATAR group (https://www.avatargroup.org.au/).

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