Introduction to Leximancer

Introduction to Leximancer
Introduction to Leximancer

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Dr Harry Kanasa

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Sharron Stapleton

As part of your research, do you analyse text to uncover obvious and not-so-obvious concepts and themes? Are you looking for another means to analyse your text-based data to triangulate your findings? Have you collected so much text-based data the thought of coding seems overwhelming? Are you required to analyse survey data and correlate quantitative and qualitative data as part of that? Leximancer, a piece of automated text analysis software, allows you to do this and more.

This three hour introductory workshop to Leximancer will introduce participants to the software through hands-on practice with real data. Topics covered will be the theory underlining the analytical process, its uses and guided practice with data. Examples of published literature will also be provided. No experience with Leximancer is required but a working knowledge of Google Drive is desirable.

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