2021 MHIQ Seminar Series - Realistic performance prediction of advanced AM structures

2021 MHIQ Seminar Series - Realistic performance prediction of advanced AM structures

Principal speaker

Professor Stefanie Feih

2021 Menzies Health Institute Queensland Program Seminar Series

GCORE Program

Presenter: Professor Stefanie Feih

Title: Realistic performance prediction of advanced AM structures

Seminar Overview -

Advanced lattices and gyroids manufactured by additive manufacturing processes are inherently suitable for applications in the MedTech sector, but have complex mechanical characteristics due to many fine-featured structural elements. Finite element analysis approaches of the as-designed (perfect) structure generally over-predict the determined experimental properties (stiffness, yield) due to inherent defects within the printed structure. X-ray tomography with defect mapping can bridge this gap and aid in our understanding and avoidance of defect-sensitive designs. In addition, stochastic information about defect distributions can be derived from X-ray tomography and can be utilised to determine the scatter in performance, hence increasing our confidence in the predicted mechanical performance.

Speaker Biography -

Professor Stefanie Feih has spent more than 20 years specialising in the analysis, design and optimisation of lightweight structures, working and studying in the USA, Europe and Asia Pacific. Stefanie has recently commenced as a Professor in the School for Engineering and Built Environment at Griffith University. She previously led the Polymer Processing Group at the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech), Singapore, and prior to this worked at RMIT University, Australia.

Stefanie received her PhD from the University of Cambridge in 2002, a Masters Degree from Cornell University in 1999 and a Mechanical Engineering degree from TU Darmstadt, Germany. She has published over 160 journal and conference papers focused on wind, naval, O&G offshore and aerospace structures. She has led large industrial collaborative projects in the research areas of aircraft repair, design for additive manufacturing and polymer composite material performance. Stefanie is an Editor for Composites Part B and an elected member of the Executive Council of the International Committee on Composite Materials.

Stefanie is passionate about combining experimental results and numerical analysis techniques in a synergistic manner to drive advanced design and superior structural performance.

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