A Search for the Soul of the Nation
A Search for the Soul of the Nation

Principal speaker

Professor Julianne Schultz AM

Other speakers

The Honourable Roslyn Atkinson AO, Mr Wesley Enoch AM

Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research presents

A Search for the Soul of the Nation

…exploring country, creativity, and the contest of ideas…

How does one define Australia, beyond just its geography?

Some might boast that we are the most successful multicultural nation in the world. A wealthy and free society, underpinned by our strong institutions and laws.

But what is it to be Australian?

Well-worn cliches of egalitarianism, mateship, 'a fair go' and generosity belie the complexities and contradictions of modern Australia, where, especially under the stress-test of Covid-19, the fault lines of race, class, gender, inequality, and self-interest tear at collective compassion, resilience, adaptability and willingness to cooperate for the common good.

With growing social and geo-political tensions - tensions not seen since World War II - there is renewed urgency to interrogate ideas of who we are, where we've come from, who we want to be, and what we stand for as a nation, not only to tackle the big challenges we face but also to become all that we can be.

Such a bold vision requires imagination, insight and ingenuity. It requires social cohesion, wisdom and innovation.

As Australia reflects on the outcomes of the Federal election, we invite you to join Professor Julianne Schultz AM, The Honourable Roslyn Atkinson AO and Mr Wesley Enoch AM for this important and timely conversation.

"By exploring different ideas of Australia, I hope to trigger conversations that will help us find a pathway to the future that learns from the best (and worst) of the past and suggests a way of imagining a new outward-looking, expansive, inclusive and innovative society..."
Julianne Schultz, The Idea of Australia: Search for the Soul of a Nation.

Julianne will be signing copies of her new book, The Idea of Australia: A Search for the Soul of the Nation, in the Conservatorium Foyer after the event.

BOOKINGS: https://events.griffith.edu.au/event/24f43b2f-a364-42aa-815f-508f9ee8b1f8/summary
*Ticket includes a complimentary drink and nibbles.

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