Assembling Mixed Methods with Surveys and Interviews

Assembling Mixed Methods with Surveys and Interviews
Assembling Mixed Methods with Surveys and Interviews

Principal speaker

Dr Judy Rose

In this workshop we demonstrate how to assemble mixed methods studies involving surveys and interviews. By assembling we mean putting together different components of a mixed methods study, including how qual(itative) and quant(itative) components combine, how data collected is "mixed" across qual and quant components and how results are combined. Other workshops go into the detail of how data would be collected to inform particular qual and quant methods. This workshop presents an array of Mixed Methods designs used for the mixing of survey and interview data within a research study. Assembling Mixed Methods typically involves a consideration of: purpose (e.g., exploratory or explanatory), timing (e.g., concurrent or sequential), emphasis (e.g., qual or quant driven) and mixing (e.g., triangulating results). Other aspects particularly relevant to surveys & interviews are: timing of phases (e.g., surveys before interviews or vice-versa) and integration (e.g., survey outcomes inform the interview questions and sample).

We present several examples of Mixed Methods studies in different fields including the Social and Natural Sciences, Health, and Education. These frame an exploration of how qual and quant components are assembled in sequential, parallel, and embedded designs. We show that assembling a Mixed Methods study may be pre-specified, e.g., separate survey and interviewing components specified in advance. Alternatively, it may be iterative, e.g., survey results identify the key areas that shape the interview questions. Finally, we cover how results and findings are conceptually combined, to establish corroboration, elaboration, convergence, divergence or dissonance. Examples are provided of how this can be written up and reported.


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