The Foundations of Australia's Space Policy Workshop

The Foundations of Australia's Space Policy Workshop
The Foundations of Australia's Space Policy Workshop

Principal speaker

Dr Tristan Moss

Other speakers

Dr Danielle Ireland-Piper - Australian National University, Dr Cassandra Steer - Australian National University, Dr Annie Handmer - The University of Sydney / HEO Robotics, Professor Melissa de Zwart - Flinders University, Dr Malcolm Davis - Australian Strategic Policy Institute, Dr Brett Biddintgon AM - Biddington Research

Australia is at an inflection point in its thinking about space. In just a few years, government funding grown, an Australian Space Agency and an ADF Space Command have been created, and defence and industry policies have been developed. These events have occurred within a broader context that reflects the influence of longstanding drivers of space policy, such as international relationships, national security and the cost of space, as well as more recent shifts, such as the increasing ease of access brought about by changing space technology and the diversification of space actors.

However, the understanding of space in Australia as a site of international relations, policy, law, ethics and history is still under development. As Australia begins to create its whole of government space strategy, these areas of understanding are even more vital to Australia's space future.

This workshop will bring together scholars working on the variety of different threads of Australia's space policy to discuss the challenges and opportunities in current efforts to develop a national policy.

The workshop will address three key questions:

What is Australia's historical, political and regional space context?

What are the key policy areas of space and how should they interact?

How might Australia grow its national security and national resilience in and through space?

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