Change 2022

Change 2022
Change 2022

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Prof Alan Tapp, Dr Cathryn Dexter, Dr Geoff Lundkie-Jenkins, Samantha Colbran, A/Prof Ann-Marie Kennedy, Dr Janine Williams, Peter Cunningham, Murooj Yousef, Yannick van Hierden, Dr Jill White, Dr Nadine McKillop, Jenny Alchin, Jordyn McDonald, Ben Glass, Dr Samuel Williams, Mark Patterson, Dr Carina Roemer, Dr Timo Dietrich, Frankie Layton, Chris Boyle, Dr Joy Parkinson, David Pembroke, Prof Sharyn Rundle-Thiele

Change 2022 is brought to you by Social Marketing @ Griffith in partnership with AASM and Content Group. Change 2022 is for people focussed on achieving measurable change that benefits people, communities and the planet.

During our 2-day conference, you will learn from people with a track record of delivering positive health, environment and social change. You will network, collaborate with and learn from a wide range of people offering their own experience in delivering policy, practice and behaviour change.

Change 2022 features a line-up of over 20 speakers who will be sharing their change stories in TED-style talks. Up to 20 Change delegates have the opportunity to take the floor and share their stories and/or get any questions they've got answered. You can choose 2 workshops of your choice to take an even deeper dive into the world of change.

Join us this year in person at South Bank campus, Griffith University to be empowered and enabled to enact more behaviour change.

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