QCA Thursdays: 15 September 2022

QCA Thursdays: 15 September 2022
QCA Thursdays: 15 September 2022

������������ ���������������"���"���������������": We warmly invite you to the opening of three new exhibitions at QCA Galleries on Thursday, 15th September from 5.30pm.

�������"�������� �����������"������������ �����������������������"����: L in the Chat @reneekire
QCA Honours student Renee Kire presents her first solo exhibition at QCA Galleries. This body of work aims to counter the masculine conventions of minimalism by creating sculptural forms that make visible the contributions women made during the movement.

This will be explored with the following question: how can emphasising the feminine in contemporary installation art disrupt the masculine conventions of minimalist sculpture? The project aims to attract attention to female minimalist artists who continue to have their stories overshadowed by their male counterparts.

�������"�������������������� �����������������������"����: Retrace: @emilyhanna.art @emilyhowardartist & @emilyparker.art

Retrace considers the concepts of culture, identity & the Anthropocene, through print, photography and installation. 3E was formed by Emily Hanna, Emily Howard & Emily Parker, during their undergraduate studies at the Queensland College of Art and since then developed into a multi-layered collective.

���������������� �����������������������"����: Home Coming: Merv Muhling

Home Coming is a retrospective exhibition of works by the distinguished Queensland sculptor Merv Muhling (b1929, d.2003) Muhling's work has been collected by QAG, QUT, HOTA, Griffth University. With his works stored in Melbourne for the past 20 years "Home Coming' is apt.
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