Change 2023 Conference

Change 2023 Conference
Change 2023 Conference

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Sara Isaac, Joni Avram, Jim Hogan, Trent Zimmerman, Kevin Cocks, Prof Elizabeth Kendall, Yas Grigaliunas, Ryan Collins, Brad Kinsela, Renae McBrien, Jaeneen Cunningham, Brian Pinkman, Ricki Hersburgh, Steve Menzies, Elisabeth Spits, Luke van der Beeke, Kelsey Chapman, A/Prof Sameer Deshpande, Dr Liz Foote, Dr Taylor Willmott, Dr Jessica Harris.

Two days of speakers, workshops, and building connections
Change 2023 features a diverse line-up of speakers, panel discussions, and workshops covering a range of topics, including:
• Social Marketing
• Health behaviour change
• Sustainability and climate action
• Social inclusion
• Corporate social responsibility
• Education and training

You'll hear from industry leaders and experts who will share their insights and expertise. Speakers will share their stories, helping you to understand how you can create and sustain positive health, environmental, and social change. You'll also network with like-minded individuals, build relationships, and explore new ideas and approaches.

You'll learn practical strategies and techniques that you can take away and apply to your work and projects. You'll also gain a deeper understanding of behaviour change theory and its real-world applications.

Register now to secure your spot for Change 2023. Join us online or in Brisbane at the South Bank campus, Griffith University. Take advantage of this opportunity to be part of a community of change agents and learn from the best in the industry.

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