Lecture Capture (Echo360) EdTech - Review and consider possibilities

Last updated on 20/02/2020

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Echo360 allows you to capture live presentation sound and screen content, and then make it available to students as a learning resource within your Learning@Griffith Course site or Organisation.


There are over 90 Lecture Capture-enabled theatres at Griffith. After recordings are available in the system, you can edit/review prior to distribution all through the one tool.

The user-friendly Echo360 Staff Tool also allows lecturers to upload recordings made using other software or equipment, as well as manage and edit all of their recordings in the Echo360 system (Lecture Capture recordings).

The Lecture capture technology (Echo360) is easy to use, and bookings for recordings outside of normal teaching activities (eg Guest Speaker Presentations) can also be made online. It is also integrated with Learning@Griffith and provides recorded lectures straight through to your course.

Griffith University introduced the Lecture Capture Policy to better engage students in their learning by increasing their access to learning resources.

From Semester 2 2013 all lecture activities scheduled in lecture capture-enabled venues are automatically recorded and made available to students on the relevant course site.

Learners can listen and/or catch up on talks or lectures at their own convenience. Makes formal learning more fun and informal, supports independent learning, enables deep engagement with learning material and enables access while being mobile. (Edirisingha & Salmon, 2007).


Be prepared:

  • know that your lectures will be automatically recorded
  • be sure to check/review your lectures prior to distribution into your Course Site
  • check the Lecture Capture Policy
  • let your students know they are available and how to access them in your Learning@Griffith Course site.

Enabling Technology

You don't need any particular technology to record your lectures as that is automatically done within the lecture rooms. There are different editing tools you can use, however, once your lecture is uploaded into your Echo360 course site, you can use the inbuilt editor.


If you would like to learn how to use the extra features available within Echo360, please contact your Learning and Teaching Consultant and they can assist you.

Pedagogy Support

To learn about how you can use Echo360 in your teaching:

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