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Last updated on 21/10/2019

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Digital basics


The Digital Basics Site can support your application of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) literacy. It provides quick guides and tips to help you master some of those tricky tech basics.


Digital Basics:

  • Images
    Adding images to digital content can help to lift its appeal and make it more engaging to its users. This page provides links to articles on image usage, places where images can be sourced, and software that may be used for editing images.
  • Files & Formats
    When working with digital content, you will encounter a number of different file types and formats. Some of these will be ones that you recognise while others may be new to you.
  • HTML
    At some point when working with digital content, it's likely you will encounter what's called "embed code". This is a block of HTML code that can be used to embed a particular tool or feature into a web page.
  • Video
    With the improvements seen in Internet connection speeds and bandwidth in recent years, the use of video as a teaching tool, particularly online, has become more common. Using video in digital teaching content can help communicate complex information in a short period of time, and even form the basis of interactive activities promoting thought and memorable experiences.
  • The Cloud
    In computing, "the cloud" generally refers to a place where files are stored that is not your local computer's hard drive. Typically, it is a reference to file storage space on a web server.
  • Mobile
    The use of mobile technologies by students has increased since the introduction of affordable smart phone and tablet devices. While these devices may be seen by some as a distraction in the classroom, the volume of users can be seen as a benefit that should be taken advantage of to improve engagement both inside and outside the classroom.


This site can also be included in your Student Support section within your Learning@Griffith Course Site to assist students as well.

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