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Last updated on 28/06/2021

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Coastal Life of South East Queensland is designed for those who love exploring the rocky shores, and muddy sand flats and mangroves, or simply enjoy strolling along the beach.


Designed as a companion to the Queensland Museum's two volume 'Wild Guide to Moreton Bay and Adjacent Coasts', the information and images provided herein are a specially selected subset of the far greater number of creatures included in those books. This edition focuses solely on the invertebrate animals and marine plants that survive in the intertidal and shallow subtidal zones. Invertebrates, with their bizarre body shapes and lifestyles, have a critical role in maintaining the well-being of marine ecosystems.

Features include:

  • Multiplatform
  • Large Database
  • Advanced Search


The app requires installation on a mobile device like a tablet or phone, consider the technology required and if students have access to this.

Enabling Technology

Available on both iOS and Android, this application is free to download.


Your Learning and Teaching Consultant can suggest ways of optimising the use of this resource for your teaching practice. 

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