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Last updated on 05/12/2017

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Program Leaders Speak


Program Leaders discuss a range of topics including;

Advice for new Program Leaders, Program leadership across campuses, Using data to enhance program quality, Achieving consistency, Expanding your Program, Complaints and Succession planning.


Learning from fellow travellers and those who have been in the Program Leader role ahead of you is one of the most powerful ways to learn about program leadership.

These resources were developed by Griffith University as part of the 'Developing Program Leader Networks and Resources to Enhance Learning and Teaching in Multicampus Universities' project*, led by Professor Kerry-Lee Krause, funded through an Australian Learning and Teaching Council grant. The project team interviewed several experienced Program Leaders who shared their stories of success, their challenges, and lessons learned in the role. They posed several hypothetical scenarios to the Program Leaders, based on the data gathered from surveys and interviews.

Please view these Program Leader videos online to learn from colleagues who have generously shared their experiences with us.

*Please note: You will notice the academics in these videos referring to Program Convenors. Griffith has since changed the role to Program Director and Program Advisor, in recognition of the leadership nature of the role.


1. Advice for new Program Leaders from a Fellow Traveller

Program leaders suggest strategies to avoid common pitfalls faced by incoming Program Convenors. They emphasise the importance of mentoring relationships and the value of negotiation.

2. Program leadership across campuses: Challenges and strategies for success

Issues that arise when taking over from a Program Leader at another campus are discussed, such as gaining credibility and cross campus politics.

3. Using data to enhance program quality in multi-campus contexts

Program leaders speak about the merit of student survey data and how to interpret it across multiple campuses. Using data as a motivation for change and to maintain cross campus consistency is also discussed.

4. Achieving cross-campus consistency in your program

Program leaders suggest different approaches to overcoming the difficulties encountered when managing cross campus consistency. Emphasis is given to setting and following guidelines for consistency when implementing programs, such as individualised delivery of courses.

5. Strategies for expanding programs across campuses: Tips for success

Expanding a program to a new campus requires the examination of all available information. This includes accounting for campus culture, student demographics, existing course profiles and the team of academic staff.

6. Managing tricky situations: Dealing with student complaints about a staff member in your program

The hypothetical scenario of receiving a complaint about a staff member is discussed by program leaders. Appropriate responses are discussed, as well as the effect of a complaint on a whole school.

7. Succession planning for the Program Leader role

Program leaders speak about the importance of succession planning and the required attributes of a new Program Convenor.

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