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Last updated on 26/06/2022

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CYO Video Studios


The CYO (Create Your Own) Video Studios are available for any staff member, in any element, to use free of charge to produce videos for learning and teaching. There are 7 studios on 5 campuses, and all are fully automated.


What are CYO Video Studios?

The CYO Studios are free to use for the creation of learning and teaching videos by Griffith University staff, once inducted

Staff need to participate in a one hour induction to join the CYO Video Studio community. Once inducted, studio users manage their own bookings and access the studios via their swipe cards. Users are also included in the CYO Video Studio Yammer community and can access further resources.

CYO Studio Room

There are currently 7 CYO Video Studios, and all users have access to all studios

  • Nathan N06A 0.14 - 'Patience Thoms' building: Top Floor. Exit the lift and turn right into the Learning Futures offices. The studio is the first door on the left once you go through the glass doors (MAP)
  • Nathan N06B 0.16 - Next door to the other Nathan studio. Both rooms labelled with A or B (MAP)
  • Mt Gravatt M06 1.05 - Education: Level 1. (MAP)
  • Southbank S03 2.31 - Library: Just inside the building and to the left. Ask at counter for directions (MAP
  • Gold Coast G14 2.25 - Queensland College of Arts: top Floor, follow the sign marked 'audio visual studio' (MAP)
  • Gold Coast G42 4.06 - Griffith Business School: turn left out of the lift, then just down the hallway to your right (MAP)
  • Logan L08 1.23 - Academic 2. Halfway down the corridor. (MAP

All studios are identical in their operation, although only G14, S03, L08, M06 and N06A have overhead cameras to demonstrate physical processes. N06B and G42 do not have this feature, so please book accordingly if you require an overhead camera for your presentation.


How to prepare for your CYO Video Studio session


What should I wear to my CYO Video Studio sessions?

CYO Video Studio users can wear any colour clothing that they like except for Green! We'd also recommend against tight patterns that tend to flicker on camera, and also anything that dangles and could interfere with the clip-on lavalier microphone.

It's also advisable to wear a button up shirt or blouse, or even a jacket with lapel, in order to comfortably clip on the lavalier microphone used in the CYO Video Studio system.

How do I book a CYO Video Studio?

New users need only undertake a one hour induction with the studio support team (or an appropriately trained Learning and Teaching Consultant) to gain access to the studios. We will share calendars, add door access to your swipe card, support documentation and provide phone support from 9am to 4pm each weekday, following the induction.

The calendars for each studio are only shared with those inducted CYO Video Studio users. Please feel free to make a booking in the studio most convenient to you once you have undertaken an induction. There are no limits on how long or short your bookings can be, so long as the community of users is respectful of one another's need for time in the studios.

Details of induction times are below, under 'Implement'

Enabling Technology

What will I need to bring to my sessions?

A USB Storage Device

Each studio user needs to have a USB storage device to operate the studio. We recommend purchasing a 16GB device sometimes known as a 'Key', 'Stick' or 'Thumb drive'. Ensure that the device is at least USB version 2.0 or 3.0 and reserve it only for use in the CYO Video Studio.

The USB device initiates many features of the CYO Video Studios and is essential to taking your videos away from your session.

Powerpoint, Keynote, or Google Slides presentation

The CYO Video Studios allow you to record your presentation alongside a slide presentation. We have provided a computer in each studio, along with a 'clicker', for you to play a presentation from Microsoft Powerpoint or Apple Keynote, or login to your Google Drive to access the Google Slides application.

Many studio users employ a presentation that they have used previously in a traditional lecture format, but please consider that you may need to break your file into multiple smaller presentations in order to create a more digestible set of 'bite-size' videos.

We also recommend producing (or updating) your presentation in the 16:9 (rectangular) format. We can also recommend using the current Griffith template, which you can find on the Marketing and Communication website:


How do I get access to the CYO Video Studios?

Staff only need to participate in a one hour induction to join the CYO Video Studio community. Inductions are by appointment - please email to discuss with our team what day and time may work for you.

Once inducted, studio users can manage their own bookings and access the studios via their swipe cards. Users are also included in the CYO Video Studio Teams community and can access further resources.


We're here to help so please don't hesitate to get in touch about any ideas, criticisms or feedback you might want to share. We're here to discuss your needs and do what we can to help you make excellent educational videos.

You can email the team on or reach out via Teams.


Studio Support

CYO Video Studio phone support is available every weekday from 9am to 4pm and should be your first point of contact if you have a problem during recording. To contact, pick up the phone in your CYO Studio and press the 'Studio Support' button on the phone's display to speak directly to one of the team.

If you find a problem outside of support hours, please send us an email (, or leave us a voicemail (x54345). We will get to it as soon as we can.

Support Resources

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