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Last updated on 18/03/2022

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AnswerGarden is a feedback tool that you can use in the classroom for creative brainstorming. Post it in a tweet or embed it on your website or blog and use it as a polling tool.



AnswerGarden is a simple visual thinking tool that helps you garner and display prioritised information in a word cloud format.

You can use AnswerGarden for real time audience participation, polling, brainstorming and classroom feedback.


AnswerGarden fits educational, professional and creative purposes, is standalone and embeddable, and shows thousands of answers at a glance. It can create a word cloud from captured poll data.

Conditions of Use

  • This resource may be used only for learning purposes.  It is not intended for general or research use.
  • Please use only the free service.
  • This resource should not be integrated with Griffith systems.


Your Learning and Teaching Consultant can suggest ways to optimise the use of Answer Garden.

Alternatively, contact Learning Futures to discuss application development for your teaching practice.

Technology Support

You don't need to create an account to use AnswerGarden, and neither do your students. Here are some links that will help you get started with Answer Garden.

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