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Last updated on 20/02/2020

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Blackboard Groups allows the creation of student groups within your Blackboard courses. These course groups have their own areas for coursework collaboration, and are equipped with tools to assist in the collaborative process.


Group experiences are critical for fostering a more personal and engaging student experience, and the groups feature in Blackboard is an easy way to introduce your students to the benefits of group interaction.

Many instructors use group work to enhance student learning. It can be a pathway to:

  • An increase in student understanding of content
  • Building particular transferable skills
  • Promoting students working together to maximise their own and each other’s learning

Group work leads to positive interdependence - it can be formal or informal, is infinitely adaptable, and can be one of the most effective teaching pathways available to academics.(Johnson, et al., 1998).


Your Learning and Teaching Consultant can suggest ways to optimise the use of Blackboard Groups for your teaching practice.


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