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Last updated on 29/06/2021

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The GroNATIVE app allow people in South East Queensland to select the best native plants for their gardens, and restore native vegetation.


Biodiversity refers to all of the species present in an area, and not just the obvious species. While we may be aware of birds, trees and the larger mammals, the ongoing functioning of ecosystems requires the interactions between all the participating species - large and microscopic, stationary and mobile, seen and unseen. Attempting to understand biodiversity requires an appreciation of the variety of life and the intricate ways they relate.

Biodiversity is not only found in the wild, however. Nature is present in all environments, including our cities and we are investigating how animals survive in the suburbs and how we can improve the diversity of species in urban landscapes.

We sometimes forget that humans are also part of biodiversity and that our potential impact far outweighs our numbers.

With images and information on more than 400 local native plans including the best growing conditions, flowering times, form, colour and biodiversity benefits, using GroNative will benefit our gardens, natural areas and the region as a whole.

Download it from iTunes and Google Play and get planting.

GroNative is produced in partnership with Griffith University, Natura and the Queensland Government.

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